Management games are training exercises in which prospective decision maker’s act out managerial decision making roles in a simulated environment. These are designed for management applications and used for training purposes. They also give a sense of practical applicability of the subject and the concepts that are learnt are inscribed in a better manner when the students have practical experience of the concept. In fact, it is stated that the world of management domain is quite complex because it is a combination of several academic domains, which are directly or indirectly related to each other.  If all the domains of management like finance, marketing, economics, human resource, operations management etc. are considered together, then a sustainable and holistic management decision can be taken up. Based up on these basic theoretical frameworks of management domains, several games were designed for the students of Department of Management Studies on February 17, 2016. Ms Sonam Goel, Assistant Professor, Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, Noida was the resource person. The games being played included identification of business slogan mixed picture puzzles, two truths and a Lie, the name game, back to back drawing, beach ball toss, paper planes, building towers, etc. Major objectives of these games were to improve the analyzing skills and hence improve the decision making ability, to inhibit the spirit of team-work among students and to provide a long lasting impression of the various theoretical concepts in a practical way.