The "MMU Go Green" Project
The dream project of great visionary Dr. Tarsem Garg, Chancellor, M M Universities starts with launch of project on Carbon Neutral Campus, first in the state of Haryana to reduce the carbon foot print to almost zero. The establishment of first 500KW grid tied solar power plant at the MM University, Sadopur campus will counter the future challenges of Green house effect and ensure a pollution free campus.
The next major Solar power project of 1.5MW capacity under “MMU Go Green” is in progress at MM University Mullana campus and will be commissioned soon.
Today the solar industry is just how IT was in the early 1980s or telecom in the early 1990s. In less than a decade, solar panels on your rooftop will be powering your television, refrigerator and lights in your house. Your rooftop will be producing more electricity than what you need; you will be putting in the surplus power into the grid and when you do that, your meters will be spinning backwards, reducing your current bill. Why, even the glass panes that make up the exterior of the upcoming office complex in the neighbourhood could be generating current thereby revolutionising the ‘Go Green effect’. It will prove to be a rational exit route to a quality life for all.
MMU Group, understanding the need of the day, is committed to achieve the Goal of “MMU Go Green” and is progressively taking up the cause to make all its Campuses Solar Powered.